Mr. Davis is a lifelong District resident and an Army veteran. After being in and out of the hospital with a heart condition, he came to NLSP to draft a will and power of attorney documents.

“I was thinking about wills in case something happened to me for my family to know what to do. So there’s no deception,” Mr. Davis said.

NLSP connected Mr. Davis with a pro bono attorney who prepared his will and power of attorney. He now has peace of mind that his wife and children are protected.

However, like many NLSP clients, Mr. Davis has more than one legal problem. While speaking with NLSP staff, Mr. Davis revealed he was having trouble with child support arrearages. Because of his poor health and his inability to work, he had made an agreement with the District government for reduced child support payments. However, the District did not adhere to the agreement, compromising Mr. Davis’s already precarious financial situation. NLSP is helping Mr. Davis to resolve the issue. “I’m confident he will get it done,” Mr. Davis said.

Mr. Davis strongly recommends that other people in similar situations should seek legal services. “I always recommend people to NLSP,” he said. “When you go into a place and you’re not represented the proper way there’s always a misunderstanding, with the judge, with the people in court. Having an attorney to speak the language that they speak and to have someone in your corner, I think its best.”

“Everyone has been very nice and supportive” he said of the staff at NLSP. “I appreciate y’all. I may be seeing you again. I have y’all in my corner to fight for me.”