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For over 55 years, Neighborhood Legal Services Program has provided access to justice for those in our community who routinely are ignored, preyed upon and marginalized by a legal system where having representation is a key component to securing justice.   NLSP gives people a voice in the legal system by providing attorneys for people without the means to secure legal representation. 

NLSP has a daunting charge—provide access to justice to low-income people in DC who are facing legal issues that threaten their basic human necessities. Most of our cases involve housing, family stability and economic security.

To assist individuals and families facing life changing challenges we rely 100% on contributed income—NLSP collects no fees or earned income of any kind. Please consider a donation this year so that NLSP can continue to help others.

In 2019 NLSP will help over 3,500 DC residents who are fighting to survive—through representation, clinics, workshops and our work at the courts--and next year we expect to help even more.