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Thank you for your interest in helping Neighborhood Legal Services Program preserve access to justice for D.C.’s most vulnerable residents. With your help this holiday season - and all year 'round - we can do more than imagined, and we're asking for your help to get us there. 
Washington, D.C. has changed and grown in ways that make it a more vibrant and livable city for many residents. Yet many people who make the city run are barely able to survive on their incomes, or are still out of work entirely. Families live in decrepit housing that poses dangers to themselves and their children. They take on crushing debt - often exacerbated by unfair lending practices - to make ends meet. 

In many cases, laws exist that could help people address their problems. But those laws are only as good as the ability of people to use them. When you're trying to figure out how to put a meal on the table, or pay your rent, there's no money in the budget for an attorney. 

This is why Neighborhood Legal Services exists, and 
a gift to us is a gift to thousands of people who need help navigating the law, defending their rights, or combating injustice. 

Your donation represents an investment in people who are resourceful in meeting their day-to-day challenges, but who do not have the financial resources to secure legal representation: 
Washington, D.C. is not just the Nation's Capital. We are a community. And together we can keep making it a better place to live, work and play - for everyone.