Ms. N. needed to get medical care for her baby grandson. He had previously been homeless, exposed to domestic violence and had many health issues. Ms. N. was turned away at the doctor’s office and called NLSP for help.

Ms. N.’s daughter, the child’s mother, had been in a very abusive relationship and was frequently homeless. After she had her son, the mother left the hospital with the baby without filling out any paperwork. Ms. N’s daughter had come to stay with but later disappeared, leaving her baby with his grandmother. When Ms. N tried to take the baby to the doctor for many medical issues but found out that she couldn’t get care because she wasn’t the baby’s guardian. Moreover, the baby had no birth certificate, social security number, health insurance. Ms. N couldn’t contact her daughter and didn’t want her grandson to be exposed to domestic violence from his father.

NLSP helped Ms. N navigate the process of obtaining the proper documents and health insurance. NLSP was also able to locate Ms. N’s daughter and negotiate a custody and visitation arrangement. The family is now much more safe and stable and the baby is able to receive medical care.