Our guiding principles influence everything we do: our advocacy, our community partnerships, the way we treat each other, and the way we treat anyone who comes into contact with NLSP.


Racial Equity: We believe that the law is a tool that is too often used or designed to enforce and continue racial oppression. We are committed to using the law, instead, to promote justice and racial equality.

Dignity & Respect: We believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, always.

Access to Justice: We believe that everyone should have equal access to justice and equal treatment under the law.
Fighting Poverty: We use the law to fight poverty and to create pathways out of poverty.
Community Engagement: We believe that presence and engagement in our communities is vital, and that the communities we serve should guide our practice.
Basic Needs: We believe every person has a right to their basic needs: a safe, affordable, accessible home; a quality education; income security; clean water; sufficient, nutritious food; and quality health care.
Voice: We believe that people should have a voice in the laws and policies that affect their lives and that decision-making processes should be structured to make that possible.
Family Preservation: We believe that people have the right to define their own families and that those families are entitled to preservation and protection.
Safe Childhood: We believe that children have the right to a physically and emotionally safe childhood. They have the right to parenting and parents.
Strengthening Clients’ Capacity: We believe that our clients are strong, capable people, and we are committed to strengthening their capacity to advocate for themselves.
Safe Space: We are committed to making our organizational environment physically and emotionally safe and accessible for everyone.