Cecilia BarberEviction Prevention Project Coordinator

Cecilia Barber

Cecilia Barber joined NLSP in 2022 as the Eviction Prevention Project Coordinator after relocating from Charlottesville, Virginia, where she worked as a grassroots organizer and project coordinator at the Public Housing Association of Residents.

She received her bachelor’s degree in Global Studies from the University of Virginia. Her area of concentration was the Middle East and South Asia. In addition to her work with NLSP, Cecilia is currently working toward her master’s in Public Administration and Policy at American University.

Beyond her experience in housing policy and advocacy, she is well-versed in sustainability and migration issues, and conducted research on climate refugees to write her senior capstone project. She is also a voting community member of the Institutional Review Board for Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia.

One of many reasons that Cecilia chose NLSP is its commitment to justice in all forms. She believes universal access to safe, decent, and affordable housing is the foundation of a more just society. She looks forward to serving low-income Residents of D.C. by amplifying their voices, listening to their needs, and learning every step of the way.

Cecilia can be reached by phone at (202) 750-7445 and via email at cbarber@nlsp.org. 

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