Support NLSP during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency


For over 55 years, Neighborhood Legal Services Program has provided access to justice for those in our community who routinely are ignored, preyed upon and marginalized by a legal system where having representation is a key component to securing justice.   NLSP gives people a voice in the legal system by providing attorneys for people without the means to secure legal representation.

With the COVID-19 public health emergency, NLSP has been forced to reorganize and figure out on the fly how to continue to serve the over 110,000 DC residents who live in poverty.

In March, NLSP attorneys and staff moved their work from our three neighborhood law offices to their home offices. NLSP attorneys have had to quickly figured out how to continue to serve clients remotely, we have been in almost daily contact with the courts figuring out how to make sure clients get heard on important matters, and we have been working to let low income DC residents know about new regulations and relief from the DC government to aid them during the COVID-19 emergency.

All of our practice areas have been working on emergent issues:

DC residents who live in poverty, who even in the best of times feel unsafe and insecure, now are facing brand new and seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  NLSP is working on the frontlines to trying to widen the safety net for all DC residents and, just as importantly, to get the information and services out to those in need.

Make a gift to NLSP today because those who are most vulnerable in our community need help now more than ever.