A 2020 Client Story

After more than two years of fighting with the Social Security Administration, Mrs. Grant was desperate to find someone to help her. She'd seen the same judge three times without an attorney, and each time was denied the basic benefits she is entitled to receive. 
That's when she found NLSP and met attorneys Rachel Weiss and Maya Sheppard.
Mrs. Grant is an honorably discharged veteran who gave 13 years of her life to the US Army as a medical technician, but her service resulted in severe medical and psychological issues that made it difficult for her to readjust to civilian life. During her time in the military, she experienced sexual trauma and even witnessed a suicide. She developed PTSD as a result, and her prognosis left her unable to work as a civilian. While she received some help from the Veterans Administration, it wasn't enough to pay her bills.
Rachel and Maya immediately set to work gathering evidence of her disability from her doctors. They also worked with the Social Security Administration to evaluate Mrs. Grant and confirm the diagnoses. They helped Mrs. Grant get another hearing. 
Mrs. Grant was worried when she was assigned another hearing in front of the same judge, the one who had previously denied her. But this time she had NLSP, in the form of Rachel and Maya, at her side.
With Rachel and Maya advocating on her behalf, the judge granted her application for both Supplemental Income (SSI) and Disability Income (SSDI)—the award even included backdated months when she was without an attorney. 
Afterwards, Mrs. Grant said, "It's miraculous. Rachel and Maya gave me stability."
With the award, she no longer needs to worry about whether she can pay her bills or stay in her home during the pandemic.
Each day, NLSP provides free legal assistance to D.C. residents to ensure their economic security, housing stability, increased employment, and improved intra-family relationships. Our offices are intentionally situated in D.C.’s poorest neighborhoods on the principle that physical access to the legal system is necessary for overcoming poverty and building racial equity.
With NLSP’s help Mrs. Grant now receives the benefits she needs to pay her bills and rent.  With your help we can represent others like Mrs. Grant!

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